Thursday, June 2, 2011


Well this post should have been done almost 2 weeks ago, however I've been slack and haven't sat down and taken time to write. It was a very emotional time for me, as well as the graduates. Two of the three had bio family show up to support them. Which was great but I felt sad that no one showed for the third one. In their defense the family does live out of state. BUT it was such an important event in their lives. They have overcome. Destinee left yesterday for her AIT training with the National Guard. When she gets back she is attending college. WOO HOO! Another victory. Dooreese also will be attending a college this fall for learning disabled adults. DJ is headed to the Army SOMETIME.Maybe. He still has paperwork lingering. I am so proud of these kids. Only an adoptive mom of children from the foster care system could understand. Look up the odds. They are all beautiful on the inside and out. Oh I can't even write this with out tearing up. Thank you Lord for these kids....I mean adults.

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