Sunday, July 24, 2011

school days

School time is just around the corner!  The kids are all excited and happy and so am I!  It takes so  much to put them all back in school.  I think the list for school supplies is ridiculous.  I expect toilet paper to make the list every year. Clorox wipes, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and soap is already on their list.  Really?  I got a SUPER great deal on their shoes this year buying  Sketchers, Adidas, and Reebok brands.  I bought 8 pair of shoes for $110.  Actually Tabitha has to take some credit for it as she found the deals.  She called me and them came and picked me up and took me back.  The deals were really good.  I'm almost through shopping.  I use to buy everyone new clothes every year.  I've learned to now just buy what is needed.  The kids are all growing so fast they hardly wear anything out before they outgrow it.  The boys still want plaid shorts and polo's but the girls think they have to have 10 of the trendiest outfits out there.  Not necessarily brands but Oh so cute.  We do shop thrift stores and often times find great deals.  I still have to have the boys hair cut.  If I cut it too soon it will just need it again by the time school starts.  Kieanna is great with the clippers and almost always gives them haircuts. 

Krishawanda is graduating from the Army's basic training program.  We plan on going to see her graduate.  It is going to be a 17 hour drive.  UGH! I know it will mean a lot to her, so off we go.  I am so proud of this child.  (YOUNG adult)  She has come so far.  She is not only a good kid but a good person.  She has really had her eyes opened being with so many other girls.  There's no place like home.  She is planning on renting an apartment with Destinee when she returns.  I think this is a good idea if she gets one close to our house.  She will turn 18 soon but still has another year of school.  Destinee is planning on a military college instead of the original one she had been accepted too.  Which ever she chooses is fine by me.  Just as long as she is furthering her education.  DJ is with his bio dad and hasn't planned on college.  He was accepted but just decided it wasn't for him YET!  I think he will come around.  Doreese has a job and is living with her bio grandmother.  She is waiting on new dorms to be finished before she goes college.  It is really a great program for her.   Marvin is doing extremely well.  I am so proud of this young man.  I never thought in a million years he would turn out to be such a great kid.  It's like he just clicked over night.  He has stayed a lot at a friends house and worked for the parents some.  I've missed him but also feel like it has given him some growing up room.
They are all growing up so fast.  I have Jennifer here with me this week and it's been so nice.  She was in Boston for 8 weeks this summer.  She is spending the week with us and then she's going home to Tennessee.  2 more years and she'll have her PhD.  I'm gonna miss her when she leaves. 

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