Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Apple Orchard and Petting Zoo

We checked the kids out of school early and off we went.  All the children had a really good time.  The little ones were afraid of the animals at first but soon decided they liked them.  The turkey was the biggest one I've ever seen. The goat loved Tabitha.  Tabitha HATED the goat. The girls were standing up on an old wagon bed.  They were afraid of the animals.  One of the goats jumped up with them and three little girls were scared out of their wits, jumping and screaming. It was a funny site.  Too bad I didn't get a picture.   The apples were delicious and we made pies and cider when we got home.  On the down side my van broke down on the way home.  We did make it home but it went dead 4 times on the hour and a half drive.  It's in the shop still.  I picked it up and left for a dentist appointment and it did the same thing again.  It stinks not having my van when I want it.

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