Tuesday, September 6, 2011

July Birthday's and Grandbabies

The baby girl in white is my youngest grand baby.  Oh she is such a sweetie.  Honestly I don't think in all my years of parenting I've ever seen a better baby.  She is sooooo good!  I'm sure she takes after her Nana!  My babies were all easy going as well but she takes the cake.  Speaking of cake, we had 5 birthdays in July.  For some reason I don't have Robert's picture uploaded to the computer yet, but I'll include it with August's birthdays. 

              We are in process of updating our home study!  Woo Hoo!  I'm excited.  When I read other blogs of families  who are adopting again, I am so interested of the things they go through.  Only parents of large families who have such a crazy desire to parent an abundance of kids know what I'm talking about.                Whether it's by birth or adoption a child coming into  a family is such a blessing.  Sometimes I'm amazed that He trusts me with such precious souls.  And sometimes I wonder why he puts them on me!  LOL.  I truly love all of my kids, trials and all.  Everyone is doing so well right now I'm afraid I'll mess it up by saying so.  Watching them spread there wings and grow up and move out is a little scary and enlightening for me at the same time.  I'm glad they are moving out and making decisions on there own.  They are going to have to learn by trial and error what they did not take to heart from me.  But at the same time I want to protect them from some of life's hardships.  Money management is one of the hardest concepts for them.  Well some of them.  Some have it form the get go.  One particular child can not control his money.  He loans and blows money he has worked hard for.  Another puts his in the bank, doesn't spend money on trendy clothes, (but always looks good) and doesn't waste money eating out.  He is saving for a car.  I know he gets it.  He pays his bills on time.  The other has his phone turned off for several days while he waits on a paycheck.  Now don't get me wrong.  I have been there.  But this young man doesn't have any other bills.  He is not juggling mortgage payments, electric, gas, and water, car payments,  not even credit cards.  He just lets his money slip through his hands.  Friday he has $500 and on Monday he's broke.  Some of the girls do the same thing.  Oh, but I know they will learn.  Or will they? I know some adults who still struggle.  Paying rent or mortgage is not an option.  If you want a place to live, you have to pay for it.  Nothing is free!  I know Keith and I had it easier, when we first married, because we lived in a little shack of a house my grandmother owned.  It was in the exact same spot we have our house built on now.  But we sacrificed, to get where we are.  So watching them leave the nest or pushing them out, has it's good points and it's bad.  But they can't stay little forever. This I know, just look at my grand babies, and how fast they are growing! 

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