Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I would love to make a nice long post about our recent adventures and post all of the nice pictures I've taken.  BUT my camera is gone!  Yes gone.  I can not find it anywhere.  I'm not sure what happen to it.  I don't THINK someone took it.  All of the kids are fairly honest.  But I just don't know what could have happened to it.  We have had a bonfire, with hot dogs, smores and apple cider.  We've went to the pumpkin patch and corn maze.  We've had a birth mom visit after 9 years.  We've had a birthday party for Kyson. ( my grandson) And were having surgery tomorrow on Marvin's knee.  I have lots of posts in my head but I'm so upset about my camera.  I sure hope I find it soon.

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  1. I hope you were not the same one whose van was also broken on a previous post. When I lost my camera last (as often do So) I found it was hanging on the wall up high so no kids could reach it and i just had to look up. hope you find it.