Sunday, January 17, 2010

Family Time

Today Keith's sister Patty and her family came over for a late lunch. I became good friends with Patty when we were 14(OMG) and met Keith shortly thereafter. Even after Keith and I got married Patty and I were inseparable. We stayed close all the years our girls were growing up. Then life just got to fast. We still see each other occasionally but I miss the closeness she and I use to share. She was my best friend. She has 2 cute cute granddaughters. Just like mine her girls live close to her and her life is wrapped up in them and her job. Today was great. We actually set it up to get thank you notes out. Hopefully we can start planning something once a month or so just so we can get together and talk.

We were invited out last night with some dear friends. We have both adopted children from the foster care system and all of us love the Lord. They were so much fun to be with. I get so caught up in day to day life that I forget to make time for friends. I am on the go during the week and then spend time with the kids on the weekend. If we do get any free time Keith and I spend it together. I am making a promise to myself to start having friends over. We use to get together once a month with 2 other adoptive families and play cards and games and eat. Now I don't see them very much. Most of their kids are grown or teens and I'm still parenting a 6 year old. I'd still parent a newborn if I could. I know , I know, I'm getting older. But I still want to. So my promise for this year is to be involved with friends more, invite people over more, and be more sociable.

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