Thursday, January 21, 2010

On the Road Again...

I'm off to the psychologist office with 4 this morning. This week has included another therapy appointment, a dentist appointment, 3 at the clinic(which was a waste) and I took my granddaughter to school one day. Just a day in the life. Honestly when I don't have anything to do I think I'll rest and then bam! it's time for the bus and I don't know what I've done all day. I'd like to voice a complaint here. The clinic we use is awful. I have lived in the same county all my life. I've dealt with many professionals. This county clinic is one of the worst and maybe the worst I have ever dealt with. We have been there twice now in the last 2 weeks for 3 TB test. The office clerk waited until I had signed in and filled out information cards to tell me they couldn't see us that day. Why didn't they have it posted on the door. NO NURSE or Can't do TB test today. One day they weren't giving the test, and the next time we went they didn't have a nurse. So if the clinic is suppose to serve low income people, and lots of times this means low educated people, what do people do that had to pay someone to bring them, or had to budget their gas to have enough to make the trip? And who do you complain too? I've looked for a number posted, but there is nothing! I am going to attempt to go again on Monday. If it doesn't work this time I WILL find a way to have my voice known. They are suppose to serve the community. I have talked to other moms who feel the same way I do. It is horrible to be made feel like your beneath them when there for services. I'm not complaing about the nurse's who I have dealt with, its the front office people. So if anyone knows of a complaint line let me know. I'm off to drive in the rain!

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