Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bear Hunting

Keith took Austin and all of the boys middle school and down fishing today. Austin was so funny! He came in and was so excited. He insisted he had a big fish on his line and it got away. He's 7 and already telling fish tales. Then when we were talking about what else he would like for daddy to do with him he said "I want to go bear hunting and get me a big bear! It was a good laugh for everyone! Keith went with the boys mostly just to spend some time with them. They went to Andrew's basketball game at 10, then fishing at 1:00 and them he took them and several of the girls to Selena's basketball game at 4:00. He was busy all day. I know the boys loved it. 2009 is the first year since we have been married, that he hasn't worked Sat. Even when his time was cut at his main job he took on a part-time job. I have never had to worry about where the house payment was going to come from, but the down side to that was I had to attend a lot of kids games, concerts, and events by myself. I'm glad he isn't working so much. Money is tight but it's worth it to have him around more. Well it's worth it most days! LOL


  1. I'm caught up now and I'm sorry to hear about Keith's dad. I'm so glad he didn't have to suffer and I know it is hard on those of us left behind, but what a blessing that he could move forward! It sounds like life is continuing at it's break neck speed. If it helps, Philip's 1/2 brother and sister were diagnosed with FAS and they have both done well in life. I will continue to pray for all of your little (and not so little) ones! I know about the endless round of appointments. We have been to the ortho 3 times in the last 3 weeks. Joshua has one bracket that keeps popping off in his sleep! LOL Needless to say he is getting tired of going back in so they can glue it back on. LOL I keep thinking I will get to the decluttering and reorganization (plus painting some rooms) as soon as things calm down. LOL That may happen! LOL I am working on just enjoying the opportunity I have to be with these children before they all leave me to go with lives of their are doing an incredible job and I am soooo glad to have you as my friend!

  2. Oh, you and Keith look great! I love the picture!