Saturday, January 16, 2010

FAS--What a Shame

One of my little boys is diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. They are actually 3 different levels. One is FAE-- Fetal Alcohol Effects, the other is Fetal Alcohol and Drug Effects. It only takes one drink to cause damage. ONE. I took an online class and was shocked at what an infants brain looks like when the mother drinks while pregnant. These poor kids have a very slim chance of ever having a normal life. My little guy is loved so much. Sad, but that doesn't matter. He struggles so much in school. He also struggles in social situations. It is hard for him to play with a group of kids. He doesn't understand the rules. If they are simple enough to understand he forgets and gets frustrated. He is the only child out of 18 with this diagnosis. It is truly heart breaking to want to be able to help him and no that nothing I do will fix the problem. No therapy, no medicine, no surgeries, nothing. He can learn. He can make the best of his life..and I will see that he does. It just could be so different. It should be against the law to drink while pregnant, and if the baby does have FAS, FAE, or FADE the the mother should do time. Just my opinion. He is still so stinkin cute!

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