Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Party

We had a family Christmas Party Friday night and it was a blast. The kids loved making gingerbread (graham crackers) houses. They all played guitar hero and ate a ton of food. I think we ate 15 large pizzas plus lots of Christmas goodies. We made homemade chocolate covered cherries and they were delicious. I think we (mostly Kieanna) made about 300 Christmas cookies. Not all of those were eaten, but they sure were good and the kids have enjoyed those again today. We will have our traditional Christmas dinner Christmas Eve, but this was something we came up with to get everyone together and just enjoy family. Tabitha rented several movies for them to watch. I went to sleep in the chair about midnight. Finally the movie ended and I hurried everyone to bed. They were all asleep in 30 seconds flat. They never stay up that late, and some went to sleep and had to be carried to bed. We all had a great time. We still have another activity planned before Christmas. I hope it turns out as well.

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