Tuesday, December 15, 2009

School Activities

I really want my kids to enjoy school activities, but it has gotten crazy lately with everyones practices, games, matches and concerts. Last night Staisha offered to babysit for Keith and I to do a little shopping. We left at 5 p.m. We went and picked up a pizza for Staisha, then we ran to Publix to pick up milk and bread. Just as we dropped the food off at the house Krishawanda called and said she needed to be picked up from basketball practice. So we ran and picked her up, when we dropped her off Marvin met us at the door and needed to be dropped off at a band concert. So we took him and dropped him off. Anthony needed a ride from one school (where they have wrestling practice) to the high school for the band concert so we ran by to pick him up. When we got there, DJ and Daivon needed a ride home. So we took Anthony to the highschool and dropped off DJ and Daivon. Anthony called and said that he and Marvin needed to be picked up in 1 hour and 15 minutes. That sure didn't leave much time for shopping. So we ate and picked up the boys and come home. Tonight Kieanna called and said she didn't have a ride home from basketball practice. So I went and picked her up. Just as I walked back in the door Cora walked up to me and said OK I'm ready to go to my Chorus concert. So I took her to her concert. (She did great) It is past 9:30 at night and I'm waiting up on Marvin, DJ, Daivon, and Anthony to come in from a wrestling match, Krishawanda is at a basketball game and Destinee is cheering for that game, so I'm waiting on them also. Another night (I can't remember which) 4 middle school kids had a band concert and 4 highschool boys had werstling while 2 others had basketball practice. My goodness they are running me ragged. The coaches are all wonderful to help do transportation, but I know they get tired of all the hassle getting kids home too. Keith has suggested we let each child do one thing. JUST ONE. I'm not sure. They all love being involved and staying busy. I'm gonna think about it though because I'm tired of waiting up.


  1. It's always hard to determine how much is too much. I know we try to evaluate the stress load on the entire family. If everyone is going so many directions that there isn't any family time, then the activities aren't worth it. The most important relationships are with you and their siblings and if the activities are wearing everyone out, then I would limit them. Exhaustion is not a good state, although I don't know how to avoid it and still be a mom! LOL

  2. I soooo Miss those days Vicki :) Always a house full of kids and never ending joy. I so wish I could have a house full now! And just for the sake of it I am really thinking about doing FC again ;)

    I just found the piece of paper you gave me with everything on it! So finally I can keep up with you and the family :)

    Love you so much