Sunday, December 6, 2009

Home Visit

Tomorrow we will have a home visit to update our home study. I still haven't gotten all of the paperwork done that needs to be completed. I've been busy with shopping and decorating. I love the Holidays! I especially love it when everything is tidy and in order. The only time I can enjoy a clean house is at night after all the kids go to bed. During the day as soon as one room is complete and I finish another the first room needs cleaning again. The kids have played in the house most of the day today with the boys going out just a little while this afternoon. The girls are more content to sit and color, or do lite brite, or sing on the karaoke while the boys want to be out side where they can burn off energy. Oh if I just had that much energy I could get all the house done in a matter of minutes! Oh well, slow and steady.

I so hope we have more luck with being chosen for children this year than we had in 2009. All of the children presented to us were just not good matches for out family. I'm praying the right ones will come along all in God's timing. God Bless all the children waiting for families.

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  1. I'm excited you are updating your home study. I know the paper work never seems to end! LOL I am keeping my eyes open for possibilities and I know the Lord will send the children who are supposed to be in your home to you! The boys definitely need lots of space to run, throw and wrestle. LOL I hope the decorations and shopping continue to go well. The kids here are starting to pick out what desserts they want for Christmas dinner...LOL