Sunday, December 13, 2009


This year just like every year the kids get all stressed out and end up acting out. For the older ones it comes in short tempers and impossible expectations. For the younger ones, it's a little harder to pin point what is bothering them. All of them are excited, and happy but their is still those lingering thoughts that pop up. Like , Is my mom coming to see me this Christmas, or What would I be doing if I was with my REAL family. I try and recognize their struggles and open up conversations that will lead into us talking about whats troubling them. Working off energy helps most. It has rained so much the younger ones can't get outside and play. They are sick of movies, puzzles, and Lego's. And I am tired of them being bored. The older ones keep busy with school and church activities. I hope it doesn't rain all of Christmas break. At least they will have new "stuff" to play with. I would really like to change some of our Christmas traditions. Christmas in general has become so commercialized it's hard to remember the true meaning of Christmas on a day to day basis. I mean I know and I think about it when I'm praying and being thankful, but when I get in a store I go all crazy trying to meet every ones wants that I too become commercialized. I really enjoy Christmas and love watching the kids opening up gifts and having a good time. Thankfully our good times overshadow the hard times and acting out behaviors, and that's what my Christmas memories are made of.

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