Thursday, February 25, 2010


My two youngest girls are taking a ballet/tap class. They have been at it for about a month now and they love it. I don't think they love the class as much as they love the outfits. Hannah my 10 year old is going to begin a dance class this coming week. It is a jazz/hip-hop class. I hope she likes it well enough to continue, as I think this will be good for her. The youngest boys are signed up to play soccer. It will be a comical game with Austin playing. DJ, Krishawanda, Marvin, Anthony, and Destinee are running track for the High school. Kieanna and John are running track for the middle school. Robert, Kieanna, John, Selena are in Middle school band, with Marvin and Anthony in High School band. Doreese is in HS chorus with Cora in middle school chorus. Cheer season just ended for Desinee. And basketball season just ended with Krishawanda and Kieanna. Wrestling season just finished up with Daivon winning in his region to go to state. DJ, Marvin and Anthony also wrestled and did well. Promise has a talent show tonight at school. She is singing Carrie Underwood's "Jesus take the Wheel. I think she actually sounds really cute. I think that has everybody doing something. WHEW! It all keeps me and them busy. It is a good tool to use when it comes to behavior. Everyone wants to do something and they know that in order for them to participate they have to have good behavior and do well in school. So it works really well for the younger ones and fairly well for the older ones.
Remember my 17 year old, who is failing some classes. Well we came to an agreement. In order for him to run track, (which he is awesome at!) he has to give me an hour everyday at the kitchen table studying. So far So good. He came in and said" hey mom guess what, I made a 100 on my Spanish test." My reply: Oh, Everyone we have a new idea, study and you get good grades!!! Everyone cracked up. The young man laughs and turns red. Hopefully this will get across the importance of studying.
I keep chugging along, starting to look forward to an empty nest. Did I just say that? Well when you have 10 teenagers you have to have something to look forward to.


  1. HOORAY on the 100% on Spanish! That is wonderful! It sounds like things are busy as ever and I do understand the empty nest thought, although I know I will truly miss all the chaos when they are gone. The dancers are adorable and I hope they continue to enjoy it. The dance costumes are fun and they both look great in pink! I hope all of the activities go well and that the studying goes equally well. The Spring is going to fly by and it hasn't even started yet! LOL I love that Carrie Underwood song and I hope Promise has a great performance! Take care...

  2. You'll be bored to tears with an empty nest, mom!

  3. I agree with your daughter...what will we do with peace and quiet? Oh, I know enjoy the grandkids and then send them home so we can get a good night's sleep! LOL