Saturday, February 27, 2010

The way I would Like it

My time isn't always spent like I would like for it to be. I envision my large family going different some days. Most days. I got up as usual Friday morning, got the kids off to school and decide I would work on paperwork that was due a long time ago for a followup procedure at a FAS Clinic. As I began to fill in lines I realized I had filled out the same paperwork last time and HELLO nothing had changed. But being the mom who tries to follow all the rules I again filled out the same 20 sheets of paperwork. Birthdate? Do they really think that could change? Weight at birth? Same. Length at birth? Same. When did he sit up? talk? potty train? All the same as 1 year ago. Still I went on. My phone rings. My sister in law, who is trying to handle her dads (Keith's dad) estate. I give advice and realize I'm going to be late for a school meeting if I don't go so I hurriedly finish my conversion, and lay aside said paperwork for later. I rush through a shower, and leave instructions for Keith as he was watching a little one for me. Surprisingly I wasn't more than 2 minutes late. The teacher however was in the middle of something she couldn't let go so I waited a while on that. The meeting went well. Except now I was running late for my next IEP meeting at another school. I rushed and made it. Although the front sign in machine did delay me a little. (I hate it) That meeting went OK. I'm still undecided as to what to do. Placement for a child with FAS, MID and ADHD isn't easy. Then I stopped in at the front office to sign out and decided I'd ask about an annual. You see this is the same school I attended. It was first through twelfth grade then. I know, a long time ago. You would think the school would have a copy of every yearbook from the beginning. Well they don't. But I did borrow my 11th grade year. I was on my way home with a vision of sitting with a cup of coffee enjoying reminiscing. Except after I had been home 15 minutes, just long enough to make the coffee the FAS clinic calls and NEEDS me to fax the paperwork to them. SO I jump on finishing up the paperwork, I try to fax it. . Fax doesn't work. Well I call back and ask just to reschedule an appointment so I can mail in the paperwork, and the receptionist just about has a cow. NO, you confirmed the appointment with a promise to get that paperwork to us. OK, let me see what I can do. I can fax something at a local business, but it cost $1 a page, and as it was 36 pages all together counting a copy of his IEP and some other test the school had administered. I call the school and they graciously say they will fax it for me. Thank goodness. So I rush back to the school and they finally get it to fax. By this time my coffee is long forgotten. It's past lunch time and as Keith was off we had planned a light lunch out. So I run home ask if he has already eaten. No, he waited on me. So off we go, to a sit down quiet lunch. Well after 5 minutes sitting at the table my phone rings. It was the pre school. Nothing big, but it took time. Then Keith's phone, again nothing big but time consuming. Then they bring our food. So we squeeze in conversation around mouth fulls, because we have to be home at 2:45 because the bus will be there. We make it home with 5 minutes to spare. Then 8 kids come in. My time is consumed with signing agendas and listening to how their day went. They were all excited about Monday starting Dr. Seuss week. After serving snack and getting everyone ready to play outside it was time to begin dinner. Life was full force after that with all the usual stuff until bedtime. This is not exactly how I wanted my day to go. Maybe I'll get around to the yearbook and coffee today. I doubt it. But Oh well.

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  1. You mean you actually tried to have some time to yourself during the day? LOL I have resigned myself to midnight for productive me time. LOL I do understand about the forms. How many times do you have to fill in the same information for each child that goes into the same computer at the office where all the children's forms are linked together? LOL I have to admit that by the end my handwriting is awful! LOL I can't complain though because I only have 10 forms to do each time. LOL Life does go full tilt and it was good that you and Keith got that much time pulled together during the day! I'm impressed! Crazy, wonderful busy days....