Monday, February 15, 2010


Keith and I had a fantastic weekend. We try and go away once a year and spend some time together. It means so much just to sit and talk and spend time together. I'm already looking forward to next year! LOL A great friend looked after the four teenage boys for us while we were gone. I so appreciate it. It was a worry off of me to know the boys would be entertained and would not act up. They are always good away from home. Tabitha and Staisha had the rest and said they were all really well behaved also. Small miracles happen. School was cancelled Friday and all the kids were home. Tabitha hadn't counted on that and when I talked to her at 6:00 that morning I could hear panic in her voice. All the kids had fun playing in the snow. We got delayed with the snow, but still enjoyed getting away for a little while. You look at things different after being out of the main stream and being able to breath without constant redirecting, cooking, cleaning, and the ten million other things that goes on around here. Unfortunately as soon as we got back BAM! stuff happens. Oh well. Such is the life.

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  1. I'm glad you had a nice get away! I'm glad all went well at home while you were gone. That is always the stressful part about a relaxing time away...LOL The worry and concern are always there in the background and it is nice to know that they behaved themselves and enjoyed the time while you were gone. We just got back from California and are adjusting back to the routine. Jonah (1 yr) got used to being held constantly and is struggling with playing by himself again. LOL He should get it figured out by next week, but it will be a noisy go...LOL Life does keep moving forward with lots of things and I'm glad you got a little break!