Sunday, March 21, 2010

Military Ball

These are pictures of the kids going to the military ball. Although the dresses weren't quiet modest enough for me, I have to admit the girls looked fantastic. The young man is Anthony. He is one of my best kids if not the best. He is always respectful, kind, and loving. He does his best at everything he does. He is a little shy, and takes a little while to warm up but he is a wonderful person when you get to know him. Everyone had a great time at the dance/dinner. Doreese is with her date Patrick. I didn't get to get one of Krishawada and her date because I had to leave before he got to the house to pick her up. She got flowers, candy and the whole nine yards. (and then they broke up the next day) LOL

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  1. GREAT PICTURES and Beautiful "young adults" !!! THey are growing up~GULP!!!!