Thursday, March 4, 2010

YEsterday's post--For a good laugh!

This was actually suppose to be Wednesday mornings post. My Tuesday went a little crazy. I got busy and didn't get around to hitting publish. The picture says a lot about my day. We woke up to just a cold rainy morning. I checked the news to make sure that school had not been cancelled. NOPE! A lot of other schools, but not us. So Our regular routine began. It seemed like what usually takes an hour took twice as long. Nothing got completed, but alas all the kids did make it on the bus. No one was outside in line, or all didn't have coats and backpacks on but they ran as soon as someone yelled bus. So that's the way my day started. I felt kinda crummy. I had a BIG meeting to attend that night and Keith needed a hair cut and we needed to pick up Keith a new pair of nice dress shoes (for a suit) as one of the boys???? borrowed his and we can't find them. I knew we should have left as soon as the bus did but Keith isn't use to my hectic schedule or how fast time flies and you have to be back home by the time the bus does. Well we drug our feet and by the time we decided to go I just ran in and jerked on some clothes. When we left the house it was about 9:30. He decided to run by Wal-mart for his hair cut thinking that would be the quickest. Before we left the house it was snowing/raining. By the time we got to Wal-Mart it was coming down hard. Not sticking just snowing. So we ran in for the hair cut and I decided for the 2nd time in my life to have my nails done. Yep! 2nd time. I don't even try and have nice looking nails. My hand are in a lot of water with laundry, dishes and bathing kids so they break easily. And fake nails , please they would not last a day. But tonight was suppose to be a special night so I decided to splurge. (by the way the polish is already off on several places.) I just sat down when my phone rang. I decided to let them leave a message. Two minutes later it rang again. I tried to get it this time but by the times I got my hand dried so I could answer it had quit ringing. I didn't try to call back because I didn't recognise the number. Well the tech had one hand finished when Keith walked up and said the school called me and they are releasing school early. WHAT. Ok What time? He said 11:30. But it's 11:35 now. Yea, they called a few minutes ago and I told them I would come pick up the kids. WHAT!!! We are in the truck. We are 25 minutes away. They are suppose to send them home on the bus. That is what I filled out 18 forms for at the beginning of the year. If there is inclement weather how do you want your child to leave school? BUS____ or Car Rider _____ . I checked bus 18 times and signed my name to it. What is the use of the form if they aren't' gonna use it. I was upset with Keith. He said he didn't know what I would want to do and they had called me and didn't get an answer so they called him. He couldn't call them back, he had to make a decision NOW. SO I sent him to pick up the kids, while I stayed in Wal-Mart. Tabitha was going to stay with them until he came back and picked me up. That was OK, I could shop while he was gone. Well the nail technician was finishing my nails, while I was waiting on them to dry she started rubbing my arms and shoulders. I hate that. My daughters say they love it when they massage their arms and shoulders, but I do not like it. However I didn't say anything. I finished up got a buggy and shopped. Keith came in and we went through the check-out line. A family was behind us that had a little boy about 5 or 6. He was pitching a fit. Big Time. I would have taken him out of the store. He threw his toy, hit his dad, screamed and screamed. The cashier decided to try and talk to me, and ask if I had seen last nights episode of the Bachelor. No I don't watch much TV. The cashier wouldn't leave it alone. She kept asking questions until Keith finally said we stay busy with 18 kids. I try and not ever say how many kids we have because everyone flips out and ohs and ahs. The couple behind us heard and started Oh my how do you do it. (truthfully I did want to give them some tips) The cashier went on and on until several people was looking at us. She rang up our total (too much time spent in wal-mart = too much money spent) we payed and left. When we got home all the kids from highschool down was there. The first thing Destinee said to me as I walked through the door was "mom, did you know your shirt was on WRONG SIDE OUT? WHAT !!!! Yes, I had had my nails done, walked around Wal-Mart, had lots of attention called to me with my shirt on WRONG SIDE OUT. Oh well I needed a laugh after all that! AND everyone else had one. By the way we never did get the shoes and the meeting was canceled until Wednesday night. Exciting but STRESSFUL news coming. I'll try and post later today.

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  1. Love the story! Isn't that the way it goes??? I'm glad everyone made it home safe and that you got your nails done. It is amazing that they even needed to call you to ask what you wanted done when THEY HAD THE FORMS? Why do you have to fill them out if they aren't going to use them. Next time, just put "Call me" and don't check a box. LOL Since they are going to anyway. LOL Getting dressed was never my strong suit either...LOL