Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring !

I love spring! I have been outside most of my free time this last week. We have done some spring cleaning, but there is still lots to do. With as many children as I have there is always something to clean. Krishawanda just (Sat) done a through cleaning of our kitchen. The kind where she cleaned off the top of the refrigerator, under the sink, and behind the cabinet. Wow, how can stuff get so filthy? Monday morning after everyone has left I'm looking at the kitchen and thinking Did she really JUST clean this? It takes one meal at my house and it is turned upside down again. At least under the sink is still clean and organized.

All of the pictures are of the house and yard. These are for Jen as she lives in Tennessee and doesn't get to see (me) the family very often. We sure do miss her. Brian visited yesterday. He too lives his own life away from me now and I don't see him very much. Tabitha and Staisha both live next door (thank goodness) and I see them most every day. If I had enough property I would give them all land and a house so I could keep all 22 of them near. I love being able to watch my grand kids grow up. And they are growing up. Andrew will be 9 and Lauren 4 in April. Kyson is 5 months old. I gave him chocolate in this picture and made his mama mad. It seems just last week Kyson was born. Andrew is playing soccer with my boys and that makes it so much easier on me. Tabitha takes them to one soccer practice and Keith takes them to another one. I know I can count on her if I (or Keith ) can't make it. Again another plus to having grown children live close. I don't think Brian would live close if he could. Jennifer neither. They both have busy lives and there is just not enough action around here for them.

I have psychologist appointments today, so I'm on the road again.

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