Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My 14 year old daughter made the basketball team in middle school. Yea! right? She is very smart. Very Smart. Her grades are all A's with the exception of one B (89). I went in for her conference today. The teachers had nothing but praise for academics. She pays attention, turns in homework, reads, and does all her projects. BUT her behavior is lacking. Lacking respect, responsibility, truthfulness, and lacking the ability to pick friends who are true friends and not troublemakers. She is like this at home also. She does a good job on her chores. She will do anything I tell her to. She will not do it without complaining, whining, and trying to convince me there is a reason she should not do it. Keith and I plan on talking to her about all this. I have a feeling talking isn't going to do any good. DNA. She has siblings that are exactly like this. They have had to learn the hard way. I guess she will to. Consequences will have to be harsh. Not just a don't do that because that won't work. She is never wrong. She will never admit her mistakes. She will never take responsibility for what she does wrong. NEVER. Her life will not be very pleasant for the next year or so. Mine won't either.
The picture is of our house. Everyone that discovers I have 18 kids at home always ask how big my house is. My answer is not big enough! 10 bedrooms, and 5 bathrooms, still not big enough.

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