Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy helper?

Not in my world. I get so aggravated with attitudes sometime. I don't think anyone in this household is concerned about anything but themselves. Nothing! They all take for granted the hot meals, clean laundry, warm house, and soft bed they have. While I agree that they all deserve to be a kid and not worry I also believe they should want to do the right thing. Everyone of my teenagers wants to play sports, hang out, and do all the fun stuff. However no one wants to turn their hand to anything extra. By extra I mean other than the bare minimal to get by. No one keeps their room clean. Clean, as in bed made, clothes put away, most everything organized. They will not clean their rooms until I'm mad and complaining. They will just sit in a room turned upside down. They will not do laundry until I say_____ go do laundry. They will complain if they can't find the clothes they want, then blame the lack of clean clothes on someone else. They will actually walk around something rather than picking it up and putting it in its place. I know this is an age old gripe. But we are talking about 16,17, and 18year old young men and women. What in the world are they going to do when they start to live on their own? I won't be there to say start laundry, pick up your dirty clothes, put the dishes in the dish washer, clean up the drink you just spilled. Will they actually live In filth? I guess they will. I know when my two oldest girls were living at home they argued all the time about keeping their room clean. One was a neat freak and the other just passable. But at least it was passable. These kids rooms you can't walk in if I go longer than a few days without saying something. This isn't my only gripe today. I guess I'm just in a bad mood. I'll be back to my regular happy self tomorrow. But today, I'm gonna gripe!

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