Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Many Birthday's

November is our big Birthday month. We have 6 birthdays this month, and one of them was mine. Funny I don't feel any older, but I do look older. (just a little) I prefer wiser not older. The sad part is by the time you figure out most of life's questions, it's time to leave this life. I'll post pictures soon of the kids birthdays. We are busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. Two 26 pound turkeys and a 16 pound country ham. Along with all the fixings of course. I do love to have my family home and cook for Thanksgiving. And then there's the shopping too. I hope to take Christmas photos on Thanksgiving but I guess that will depend on how smooth everything goes. I still have to get the tree up and unpack all the decorations. There is always something to do. But I love it!

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