Monday, November 8, 2010

Homeschooling One

I'm homeschooling one child. Just one. My hat is off to all the moms who home school all their children. This one child does have a learning disability. Along with a low IQ. I still find it really tough to get her motivated. She had some problems in school with stealing and failed the state test they have to take every year. So I decided to try home school. First let me say her behavior has improved greatly! She and I are closer. There is not an issue of her trying to wear skanky clothes, or too much make up or jewelry. Her stealing behaviors are gone. (SO FAR) She is happier, she smiles more, she volunteers more around the house, she doesn't back talk or argue, and she is getting along somewhat better with her siblings. (still bossy) BUT I can not get her to want to do her school work. I had her tested for academic placement and she places about mid 3rd grade and early 4Th. I make out her lesson plan, and she is suppose to complete it. First we started off having it completed on a weekly basis. NOPE! that did not work. At the end of the first week she hardly had anything done. Then we tried it by subject. That week all she got done was her reading. She can't plan out and organize how much time to spend reading, and still get her questions answered. So now we have to go on a day by day basis. I have to give her a specific task for a specific day. If I leave her to do anything by herself she just dilly-dallies the day away. Most of her work has to be redone unless I'm right there with her. I know the school could not do this. So how did she stay in school. Maybe that's why she is suppose to be in 7Th grade and isn't. I haven't found what really works for her. She is a great helper in all I do. I try and use math and reading skills with her when I can, like measuring for lunch or dinner. Or baking a cake. There is always adding with fractions with cooking for all our family. She really wants to go back to school but I'm afraid. Will she go back to her old ways? I'm still thinking on it.

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