Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back we Go

Well we made it. The children were fairly well behaved the last part of the week. They were ready to go back to school and I was ready for them to go back too. Now I have a ton of appointments to catch up on. I had cancelled some from the Christmas break and then had to reschedule some from our snow days, now I'm booked up into February. Cora gets her braces off Thursday. 2 long years. She is so excited. Anthony still has a few months left and Selena and Kieanna both have about a year left. I have 2 more that need them, but we are taking a break from the payments and trying to focus on paying off some debt. I would really like to have a new van but I am not going in debt for one. I may not ever be out from under my mortgage but debt free on everything else sounds really good and that's my goal. How did I get on finances?

We took the youngest kids to a Lady Dogs basketball game Sunday afternoon. They all had a really good time. The teenagers went to the Winterfest Concert. They were all so excited. At midnight I was listening to what the bands had on, how the platforms rose, and what songs they all sang. Good memories, good times. Thanks to our Church for providing the opportunity. I'm sure the kids will be all abuzz about it at school today. School today, sounds so good!

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