Friday, January 7, 2011

School Resumes!

Woo Hoo! School started back on Wednesday and I was so ready. I was ready for it to be out in December and enjoyed the break with the kids. But they get restless after a while and want to be entertained. To start with it's fun but then they use the "B" word......bored. Now you would think that with all the new stuff they got for Christmas, they could not possibly be bored. It does help if they can play out side everyday, but if the weather is too cold or rainy, then their bored. I usually try and find a chore that needs doing ( I don't have to look too hard for that) and start assigning jobs. Sometimes they surprise me and take on the challenge, like cleaning out a closet, or rearranging a room. Most of the time they get the message pretty quick and find something to do themselves.

During the Holiday's 4 of my teenage girls did something that really touched my heart. Two of the girls hold a job and the other two do odd jobs for their grown sisters who live next door. I request that they don't buy me gifts for Christmas or my birthday. Usually they do anyway and I do appreciate it. I don't need anything, and know they work hard for their money and need to spend it on themselves. I do love that they have giving hearts. My most treasured gifts are memories of them being happy and well behaved and of homemade/handmade gifts. This is true if you check out our Christmas tree as it is full of handmade treasures from years past. Even Tabitha who is 31 has a handmade ornament from the 1st grade still hanging on my tree. However, I was most amazed at my (our) gift this year. Krishawanda, Destinee, Kieanna and Selena treated Keith and I as was well as Staisha and Josh out to dinner. I don't mean they bought us dinner. I mean they cooked us dinner. A lot of planning and preparation went into this. Tabitha was out of town for a few days. She lives next door. The girls got together and prepared us dinner at her house. Not just a quick meal, but a NICE dinner. They used a cook book Krishawanda had ask for at Christmas. They went to Publix and purchased every single item they needed. Even right down to the sugar. It was Delicious. We had rosemary pork loin, German hot potatoes, steamed broccoli with cheese sauce and mushroom spinach salad. To top it off the table was sat with my best China (my only China) my nicest silverware (the stuff we don't use everyday because they throw spoons in the trash) and wine glasses (borrowed). Our drink was bubbly white grape juice chilled on ice (just like champagne). Dessert was absolutely the best cake I have ever eaten. And I mean that sincerely. It is my new favorite. Selena baby sat with the kids while Keith and I walked next door and was greeted by a waitress and seated. It was SO nice! At first I didn't really want to go. I thought they were going a little too far with the secret meal and mom you can't wear sweats speech. BUT OH I was so glad I played along. They really did something I will never forget. They also all worked together to make this happen. (and when you put 4 teenage girls/sisters together and expect them to work together without any adult supervision, well that's a miracle in itself!) They also rented us a movie and had us come home go into our room and shut the door. They didn't let any of the children in ( or past a certain point). It was probably one of the best evenings of my life as a mother. Not only was the meal superb, the movie time excellent, but the thought and time put into this was just over the top. A big thank you to my sweet teenage girls. It was much enjoyed!


  1. These are the sweetest memories to hold in your heart! Wonderful blessings!