Thursday, January 13, 2011


I am tired of this weather. The snow was nice, and I can tolerate some ice, and being home bound for a couple of days. But Seriously, No School all week? If this had been better planned and they could go outside it wouldn't be so bad. They are all so tired of being indoors. No one wants to watch TV even though they had a new movie to watch. Thanks to Tab for venturing out in this. No one wants to play with anything they got for Christmas. No game system, no board games, no Barbies, no Lego's, no Nothing! I have used up all of my patience. As soon as I got upset with them, they all looked at me like "what we do"? So for right now they are getting along. I did banish 3 to their rooms and told them to FIND something to do. They are all so unappreciative. Even the teens are going stir crazy. Family Fun hasn't been in our vocabulary this week. They were all really well behaved during Christmas break. I guess the excitement kept them in line. I did have lots of activities planned and we cooked and baked lots of sweets. Maybe they need some sugar? Nah! Maybe a nap. Now that's an idea.

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