Thursday, October 15, 2009

Health and Anger

As part of my "recommendations" at the hospital, I've been eating healthier. So far I've lost 10 lbs. Sounds great right? Well it is so nice to be losing weight. BUT it is so hard to cook or just be around brownies, cake, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, ice cream, donuts, gravy and homemade biscuits. How in the world am I ever gonna KEEP it off? My 110 lb 28 year old says "it's a lifestyle change mom" Well what if I like my life style? I do. and I like to eat. and cook. and did I say eat. Well I do. I don't do anything else unhealthy except eat. I would say I exercise but then my older girls would comment and say NOT ENOUGH, so I can't say I exercise regularly. I do want to be healthy.

As I was talking to my older daughters about my blog one of them feels like I don't share enough of the real issues. You don't write about being mad. I do try and be positive. What she don't realize is that some stuff is just normal raising teenager stuff. Everyone who has ever raised a teenager knows that you struggle with issues like curfews, grades, backtalk, chores, disrespect, arguments between siblings, and so forth and so on. I have to admit my teenagers are pretty good in the disrespect and back talk category. My grown kids say stuff like " you would never have let me get by with that." or "we didn't talk like that" but in all reality they did say stuff they shouldn't have and they did get by with some stuff they did. One thing that is a constant battle is grades. When my bio kids were in school C's were not accepted. The girls were always straight A's and Brian struggled every now and then, but they always maintained good grades. Even Brian with all his wanting to have a good time attitude. However my next group of kids have had life a little harder and maybe I do have a soft spot for them. I also know that school comes easier for some than it does for others. I have 3 kids in High School that have a C. My older girls are just about to have a fit about it. You need to ground them. Do I? It is still passing. They are doing well in the other subjects. So maybe I do need to be tougher. I do need to say the classes are hard. They are all in college prep classes so they can't goof off any. They are all involved in a lot. Clubs and sports as well as church activities. Will they get accepted into college with a C or 2? Or do they have a C because I said I would allow one C? Oh I just don't know. It is hard having kids of all ages. I have to listen to the opinions of my grown kids and take their opinion into consideration. Sometimes it's good to get an educated opinion on top of my experience in parenting. But sometime I don't like their opinion and have to listen anyway. So there that's something that makes me mad!


  1. Your kids (esp the one's currently in highschool) are way too smart for C's in school! And you're mad b/c you know it's true, lol! I think if you said absolutely NO C's, that is exactly what you would get.

  2. Especially if you backed that up with no after school activities if they had a C!

  3. OK, I agree with your older kids--except if you know that a child has problems learning. I always tell my kids that I don't care about the grade IF I know it is their best effort. If it is less than their best effort, they are grounded or a priviledge is taken away. Consistancy is hard and each child is different. I think you know your children and your expectations are appropriate for each individual child. Education is the key and sometimes it is hard to communicate that to a teenager who can't see beyond the moment. I, of course, think you are doing an excellent job!! LOL

  4. I always told mine "YOUR BEST" and I mean your BEST~~~~BUT I expected an A in conduct,or whatever they call it now, went to the school 1 Time over that & never had to go back again-wanted to hear what the teacher said so I could deal with the child :-)
    ----If they are behavng in class, grades will be A's and B's-unless they have a problem in that subject :-) My 2 Cents~