Saturday, October 3, 2009

slow day

Today we had a very laid back day. In fact this is the first day in a long while that we didn't leave the house. That's Keith nor I. The cars didn't move from the drive way. Keith and the boys did cut grass, and we did laundry today, but other than that I was a bum all day. Selena, Kieanna, Destinee, and I played a computer game all day. Three of the older boys are staying at a friends house, and two teenage girls aren't back yet from getting their hair done. Krishawanda and Kieanna had cross country and a Raider team event today. So the teenagers left but we didn't. I can take some no stress, no worry days.

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  1. Good evening,
    I wanted to share our blog with you. It's

    Also, the boys helped me out immensely this morning. I am the Director of Children's Ministry and lots of volunteers were gone today because of Jefferson's Fall Break. The boys really "stepped up" and took care of lots of things in the Children's Ministry. Jeremiah had to stay home with our oldest - so I was running a bit behind with cleaning everything up. I wanted to cook them lunch to thank them for all of their help and they were so polite, thanking me for cooking and complimenting the food! You will see on my blog that we know in our hearts that you and Keith are doing such an amazing job in raising these boys. We can see that you have taught them great values and that Jesus is the leader of their lives.
    We thank you for sharing them with us as well. Please know that we don't wait to take away any of your precious family time. We only want to offer our support in encouragement to your family.