Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I have watched more TV in the last week than I normally watch in a whole year. Seriously. I have felt lousy and I still have to parent. So I have parked myself in my kitchen, which is the heart of my household and parented from a recliner or sofa. I have to admit the kids have been really well behaved. Everyone has jumped in and been really helpful. I didn't know I could feel so bad for so long. Not sick just tired and grumpy.

Selena and Krishawanda are doing dinner tonight. I haven't cooked much in the last week. It sure is nice having teenage girls to fill my shoes. I'm still around to keep the peace as they tend to want to boss everyone but for a family with 18 kids (sometimes 21) most everyone does the right thing.

Report cards are coming out soon and according to the school Internet site, only 1 child has a failing grade. It is a 69, and it is from one of my smartest kids. One out of 18 isn't bad but I hate it when my kids don't succeed (excel) in school. Education is so important. It is one link to break the chain on their lives. when they are complaining about how hard school is or how much I expect out of them I tell them to go to the county jail and see how many college educated people are in jail compared to the dropouts. It usually shuts them up. And yes I know college education is not a guarantee they won't get into trouble with the law but it is sure a good statistic on my side.

Staisha is down to 3 weeks and counting. Her plan is to be induced the 30th, if she hasn't gone by then. He due date is Nov 3rd. She is out walking now trying to be prepared when the baby comes. Her good friend just had her baby and she pushed for about 15 minutes and she had her baby. I too had very short labor with all my kids. 6 hours being the longest, and 2 being the shortest. I had hoped Tabitha's labor would be short too but it was 18 hours long. So maybe Staisha will take after me and it will be quick.

I'm feeling better and stronger so hopefully I can keep my blog up. I have thought of 10 different post while laying around. If all is well I'll post them soon so I don't forget. I hate old age.

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  1. Old age?! Come on Mom, you have a 6 year old, you're not ALLOWED to be old yet, no matter your age! :)