Friday, October 2, 2009

Ball Game Tonight

Tonight is our last home High School football game. We have only lost one game this year opposed to only winning one last year. The teenagers are all excited. 6 of the 7 high school kids are there. I guess Keith will take the older kids and I"ll sit home tonight. Brian is needing to borrow Keith's truck and that will leave us with only one 15 passenger van running. I will also have Lauren and Andrew this evening as Tabitha is going to try and study her vocabulary for her GRE. She took a class on line and really liked it. They guarantee she passes the GRE or she can take the class again for free. Wish college was like that.
Yesterday was Faith's birthday. My baby turned six. Where does time go? I'll post pictures of her tomorrow as I can't upload pictures from this computer.
This morning was doughnuts for dad at school. This is the first time Keith has ever been able to attend a dad/student event in years. He has had to be at work at 6 am for the last 25 years. No kidding. He has always worked a lot. Since they have cut his hours he was able to work it where he was off today (Friday) so he could go to school with the kids. I'm sure they were excited. He on the other hand was at a loss. Where do I go and what are their teachers name, was the questions he was asking as he was headed out the door. I told him to just follow the kids they would know where to go. LOL He made it. Next it will be the fall festival in their classrooms. I think I like him not working so much after all!!

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