Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lauren at Head Start

On the days Tabitha works I take Lauren (my grand daughter) to school. She has never been left until this school year. She was not happy. We considered pulling her out but after talking to the teacher decided to give it a little longer. She has quit crying as of last week, when we leave her. I think it would be easier if she road a bus, but we don't live close enough for the bus to pick her up. Today was hat day at her school. Her mom forgot to put a hat in her book bag. As soon as we walked into her room her teacher ask "wheres your hat" ? That's all it took. It broke my heart having to leave her. I really wanted to drive home (16 miles one way) and get her a hat and take it back to her. I didn't though. I made the comment to another teacher on the way out that they should make paper hats for the ones who didn't have one. I ask Lauren if they did. She said no. I know they want to make it fun for the kids but they are too little to understand. She is 3. So I'm miffed at the school for making my baby cry!LOL(just kidding) I do wish they had taken my advice about the paper hat though.


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