Monday, September 21, 2009

Pictures--Homecoming and Birthday's

I don't know why my pictures turned out so blurry! This is Krishawanda in the Yellow and Destinee in the Black shimmer. Keith was the proudest papa there! The close up is the night of the dance. They all looked stunning. Krishawanda in purple, Destinee in green, Doreese in cream, D.J. in Black and Marvin in white and black with a pink tie that was suppose to match his dates dress. We were a little off. Kaitlyn was still beautiful even if Marvin's tie didn't match. The girls were all stunning. I really have beautiful daughters and sons. Today is Hannah's birthday. She turns 10.
It has been a rainy, rainy day, or I should say week. Wish I could sit in my porch swing and sleep. I love the sound of rain. I should sleep good tonight being it is suppose to rain all night. Goodnight.

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