Sunday, September 20, 2009


Change is in the air. In just a few more weeks Staisha will have a newborn. Life will change for all of us. She does lots of my errands, dropping off, and picking up, for me as well as my everyday babysitting. Like sitting while I run to the grocery store, or Doctors office or being here at 3 when the bus gets here when I'm running behind. So Lots of happy times ahead as well as adjustments. When she was in school at West Georgia, (2 hours away) we adjusted quickly with what seemed like little changes. Now that she has been here 6 months again I look back and don't know how I made it without her. The kids are all older and I absolutely trust my teenage girls to babysit, just not babysit the teen boys. When I had to go somewhere before I just took the 5 oldest boys with me. Just like this spring when Keith cut his hand on the lawn mower. It took the tips of 2 fingers not bone just meat. Sounds gross, well it was. I just dropped everything told the 5 boys to get in the van. They had been cutting grass and working in the yard. They were all hot and dirty and sweaty. But we had to go and go quickly, so we went. They sat in the van while Keith was in the ER. I told them they could sit in the waiting room but they declined. It turned out all right. Keith had to see a wound specialist on Monday, they bandaged him up, gave him pain meds and sent him home. All the kids pulled through that with flying colors. I was yelling out commands as we left. They were real troopers. I called Brian who was about 30 minutes away and he came straight here. Even he shined in time of crisis. I know in a few months after the baby comes we won't remember him not being here. He'll get use to us all really quick as babies adjust. That is unless his mama keeps him home. Being a new mom she may do just that. I figure after about 3 nights with no sleep she'll come around and decide all our germs aren't so bad after all. LOL And then again she may be like her mom and decide she wants to do everything her way. I look back and think "Wow was I dumb" but we all have to learn. Tabitha is next door now also, she was away over a year. She has my two grand babies (3 and 8), and both think if Nana's at home then they should be here too. Tabitha is good to babysit too. She sat tonight while Keith and I went out. She is going back to school soon and I'll loose her help also. I know they will be here if I need them , I've just gotten spoiled with them being here everyday. Eating with us most nights. I miss Jennifer too. She also jumped in to babysit when she was here. We were never without time for our marriage. So the wind is changing, wonder whats blowing our way?

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