Monday, September 7, 2009


What makes you happy? I know for me being a mom makes me happy. I think I'm good at it. I love the job. Three of the kids and myself were at the mall on Sat. I know I know What was I doing at the Mall. The over priced,stuff I don't really need place. Well Krishawanda has to have a dress. She is tall and just any dress doesn't fit. Although we did find one I liked and offered to buy but she said no. She thought it cost to much. So after we got home she was talking about getting another dress. Now for some reason she thought $100 was too much to pay for this dress but expected me to give her $100 to go somewhere else and look. Not gonna happen. Anyway while at the mall we kept getting the strangest looks. I look down to make sure my clothes weren't revealing anything or the kids were all dressed all right. Then it dawned on me. We were 3 different races. No one could figure out why I was with kids of three different races. It doesn't offend me any more when people ask are they all yours. Or are you with a youth group. I just smile and say Nope I'm the mom. And being Mom makes me happy!

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