Friday, September 4, 2009


WOO HOO Not 1 but 2 of my girls made homecoming court. Destinee and Krishawanda are both on top of the world. Now I have to buy (or borrow) new dresses. Of coarse the girls prefer buy, but my goodness they are expensive.. Now the dilemma is how Keith can walk both of them down during homecoming. ??? We ask Brian (25) but I think he and Amey have already made plans for that weekend. Maybe he could walk both at the same time???

Keith and I went to the Falcons game last night. UGH! I'm not a big football fan anyway but Keith is. So when he ask, I reluctantly said yes dear. Traffic was HORRIFIC. We had to park about a mile away. I have blisters on my feet. We were late because of the traffic and the walk, and then they had the nerve to LOOSE! It was not a pleasant night. It was good to get to be with Keith for the ride though. LOL We talked, with out interruptions!

I watched a short clip the other day from a church about who is raising our children. Who is teaching them to be kind, compassionate, loyal, loving, strong, to stand up when the time calls for it, to have values, and respect. This particular faith teaches that mothers have this important job but they aren't fulfilling their obligations. And they are right. Mom's now days are so busy working, putting their kids in activities, having their nails and hair done that they can't see that their children need something so different. I know some mothers HAVE to work. I get that. I know I sure had to work. But I look back and wonder if I could have let something go and stayed home with my kids. I believe all four of my bio kids have done fine. They haven't made decisions I would have made for them, but they are law abiding citizens, who work for what they want without expecting it to be given to them by the government. They are all Christians and all are healthy. But they are all caught up in this faced paced world. Does it really matter that they had name brand shoes, or that they attend every birthday party? or that they were always involved in sports, dance, clubs etc etc? No, I can truly say I don't think that changed them as a person. Moms need to nurture their children. True mothers love isn't shown very much any more. Society is placing such crazy standards on raising kids it's impossible to meet everything. I have a friend who's daughter is a missionary in a third world country. I so envy her freedom. I worry if everything I do isn't what society calls normal. If her children are clean, have plenty to eat and shoes on their feet they are considered blessed. But here my children have to have 5 pair of shoes, 20 outfits, a room full of the latest toys, have every single new electonic that comes out, be involved in 2 or three activities and My Goodness How dare I ask that they have chores and responsibilities. Your taking their childhood, just let them be kids. Well being a kid involves learning and growing up. How can they learn to be a respectful adult and obey the law if they aren't taught to respect authority. How will they learn to hold a job if they aren't held responsible for any jobs at home? When I really look at the big picture I feel like I'm fighting a loosing battle. I wish I lived 100 miles away from anyone then maybe I wouldn't feel like society was raising my kids and not me.


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