Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane, Surely make you loose your mind

Those are some dumb lyrics to some song from way back in the day. I remember I didn't even like the song. But that seems how my life is going lately. I've been on the road practically every single day for Dr.'s, Dentist, Ortho, Psych, Teacher conference, and even one appointment for my nephew I got included in on. I think that is why life is going by so fast now a days. There is just so much to do. Thank goodness all the kids are doing well in school. So far all reports are good. Marvin's last visit for Therapy was today! Hooray! One and a half year of weekly appointments was a lot. We only had to reschedule one. We made all the others. I think we were late a couple of times, but not by more than 10 minutes. SOO glad that's over. Selena was suppose to get braces yesterday but was sick and out of school so we had to reschedule for next week. I have one appointment tomorrow at school and one left to do and all conferences will be completed for the elementary kids. Now middle school......

Speaking of way back in the day. Man I hate getting old. I feel the same as I did 10 years ago. (well almost) I only feel old when I look in the mirror, have to read small print, try to figure out a new electronic device,(like my cell phone) or try to have a conversation with my teenagers. Yea, that one makes me feel really old. I was told that there is just some words mom's can't use. Like saying some guy was Hot, or saying sweet. Oh not like in sweet treats just like I would have used the word cute, or cool. I find kids are growing up faster and faster. I use to think Tabitha thought she was grown at 14, huh I didn't know notin. Now kids think they are grown at 7,8,and 9. The clothes they have for sale sure says they are grown and looking for a man. Really , do you think a 7 year old needs mini skirts, mid drift tops, and high top leather boots. What happen to bows, and ribbons, and lace and ruffles? They seriously don't make little girl clothes any more. Pitiful just pitiful. Staisha has bought a sewing machine and wants to learn to quilt. I had a machine for years but just didn't use it much so I got rid of it. Now that I've used hers I've decided I want one again. Maybe I can make my girls some kids clothes. I'm going to try my had at a quilt too. If I can stay home long enough! I'm going to try and post every night for a week. I said TRY!

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