Monday, September 14, 2009

Andrew's Football Game

Tonight we went to Andrew's football game. They won!! Of coarse my grandson made the only touchdown. He takes after me of coarse. With 21 people yelling for him I'm sure no one doubted who he belonged to. LOL My baby grandson is 8 years old. He is my only grandson until November, maybe October. Staisha's baby is a boy and Andrew won't get to have the honor of being my only grandson. He and I are really close . His mom was working a job and still in college when he was born and I practically raised him until he was 2. I just know that's why he is so smart and talented. My side of the family you know. In all seriousness he is really a smart kid. He loves all of his aunts and uncles as some of them are younger than him. He always wants to be at my house with all the kids. When they lived in Texas and he came to visit, he came running in the door, threw his arms around me and said "love you Nana, wheres the boys?" I didn't see him for an hour after that. He was happily playing with the kids. He seems so well adjusted and I think that helps my kids too. He goes to see his bio dad on weekends and we talk about birth family with him and it kinda makes my kids feel like they aren't the only ones with 2 different families. So here's to ANDREW!!!

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