Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Well the kids are all well and now I've come down with it. Just sore throat and a fever but I sure do feel a lot worse than the kids did. (LOL) They still run around and played and jumped and I just want a quiet spot to lay down.

Staisha's baby shower was Sunday and it went wonderful. She got lots of stuff and is very thankful to everyone for her gifts. This being her first baby she thinks she needs every new gadget and a wardrobe to outfit three babies. I remember my first. Tabitha didn't even wear all the clothes she had. I gave some away with price tags still on them, of coarse if I had known Jennifer would show up just 17 months later I would have kept them. But life has a way of going it's own way. 3o years ago if someone told me of the life I would be living now I would have thought they were crazy. Really crazy. Now I can't imagine my life any other way.

Well I won't go as far as to say I can't imagine having some things differently just the same but different. Like one 8 year old soiling his pants! I had to go pick him up at school because he had an accident. This is the 2nd one since school started. He had 5 or 6 last school year also. I took him to the pediatrician and the DR said nothing was physically wrong. She referred him back to therapy. The crazy thing is during the summer he doesn't have the accidents. He went all last summer with no accidents and this summer he had only one where he wet his pants because he couldn't get to the bathroom in time. SO what can I do? He is seeing his psychologist again, but is that really gonna help? He has to make the choice. I talk to him after I picked him up about everybody using the toilet. If you don't go you die. I told him he was normal, nothing was wrong that he could not fix himself. Making good choices is all a part of life. The one thing I am concerned about is his medicine for add. He doesn't take it during the summer. Could this be making a difference with his bowel issues? Another child has had some issues also but had a medical condition that meds helped, but when the Dr. says nothing is wrong what can I do. Is it a control game for him. If he soils his pants he gets to go home? I threatened to make him wear a pull up. He said he really didn't want to. Maybe he would feel more comfortable and in control if he did. I just don't know. This is one parenting issues I'd gladly take help on. I am at a loss as what to do. The therapist said he needs to clean his mess up and he does. He acts like he just doesn't care. He doesn't have any major diagnosis, so it shouldn't be coming from another illness, or problem. Like RAD, or ODD or many others. I know some of these come with bathroom issues too. Stress brings it on. He fell and hurt his arm last year. He done fine in the ER while he was getting his x-ray,but when they sent him to the orthopedic Dr. he soiled his pants sitting in the waiting room. And this was after being ask if he needed to go. So I'm stumped. I guess we'll learn through trial and error. Hopefully he will get this under control. Any ideas?

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  1. I think the pull ups are a good idea. Let him be in control of when he quits wearing them is when he stops having accidents. Maybe that would motivate him. If he doesn't care then that would at least allow him to go through the school day without you having to go and take care of it. Or you could send him to school with an extra set of clothes and tell him to take care of it including cleaning up and places that got soiled due to the accident and leave it in his control. Also, he could help with the laundry when he gets home from school to help compensate for the extra laundry he creates. I wonder though if the medication is affecting him. Did you ask the dr directly about it? I don't like bathroom issues...they are so frustrating...Hang in there!