Saturday, November 21, 2009


911.That's what I was dialing at 8:00 yesterday morning. Staisha had some serious complications from giving birth to Kyson and passed out. She called me and I told her I would be right up to take her to the Dr. Before I could get there Josh called and said she had passed out. Oh My Goodness! She did come to, and I got her Dr. on the phone. He said to take her straight to the emergency room. Well I was afraid to move her, so I called an ambulance. The paramedics that got there first were fantastic! Everything went well. They loaded her into the ambulance, Josh road with her and the baby and Tanya (her aunt) and I followed in the car. They did admit her, but later let her come home as she stabilized. Whew! They teased me and told me I was a nervous wreck. Well I don't remember being shaky, but I do remember barking out orders. Which they agreed with, just that I was shaky while I was doing so. Well, who wouldn't be? While we were in the ER, she was freaking out because they told her a baby could not stay with her on a surgical floor. She was really upset. Finally they agreed to let her keep the baby with her, if someone else stayed to take care of the baby. Well DUH! Did they think we would leave her in a hospital brought in by an ambulance with a tiny baby? She has to take it easy and stay in bed for a few days. Kyson never new anything was amiss. He still got to eat his belly full and sleep in someones arms and that's all he cared about.

She is feeling some better today. What a way to spend my birthday! It is sure one I will never forget! Thank goodness for 911.

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  1. I'm so glad that she is alright!! What a birthday! Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Maybe you can enjoy it today instead. Did they figure out what was wrong? Was she just anemic? Life is just too exciting sometimes! I hope this week is calmer and that your Thanksgiving goes very smoothly!