Monday, November 30, 2009


My boys have gotten hurt more in the last year than all the other years combined. DJ has pulled a muscle in his side wrestling along with hurting his hand that we thought was broken. Daivon hurt his shoulder/collarbone in football. Anthony broke his finger during football practice and ended up having to have surgery on it. During the summer Isaiah broke his arm on a bicycle. Austin jumped on a small hot wheels type airplane and punctured his foot that required an ER visit over the Thanksgiving holidays. Marvin came in today and said his knee was hurt from falling on a cement floor during wrestling. We have gotten to know the ER doctor pretty well. So far nothing serious has happened but I cringe at what could be.

Most all the highschool kids are involved in sports so I know some injuries with 7 kids active is bound to happen. I don't know if it is because I'm older or what but it seems like I worry more with these teenagers than I did with my other ones. The middle school kids coming up aren't as likely to play as much as this group has. Selena loves basketball but is short so she can't make the school team. She is playing rec ball this year but this is the last year they have a team. John has CP so he doesn't excel at sports but does well academically and is in band. Cora has some delays and is in special ed, she doesn't even like sports . Robert might play but the school doesn't let 6th grades try out and I didn't get him signed up for rec ball this year so time will tell if he will make the 7th grade team. Kieanna is playing basketball and runs track so I'm sure she will play in high school. So for the time being everyone is really really busy. I'm looking forward to everything slowing down.

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  1. If it makes you feel better, my nephew (does football and wrestling) has been into the ER 3 times this year: allegic reaction to bee sting, concussion, and right before Thanksgiving, a broken hand from wrestling. Needless to say, my brother knows his ER doc really well too. We have been fortunate with all our kids involved in music. It is less accident risky, at least to the kids. Sometimes the instruments have suffered some damage. LOL Life just keeps crusing along doesn't it! Hopefully all of the injuries will continue to be mild.