Sunday, November 1, 2009

Home Study-state, private, or adoption disruption

Our home study expires in November. The adoption agency called and told us we would have to update with new physicals, TB tests, ETC. ETC. Do I want to update? YES! I know it has been a year and we haven't had any leads on children I'm willing to take but I still feel like the kids we are suppose to have will come along. All of my children are doing so well. We do have a couple that have room for improvement but I think that will always be the case. I know I wanted my bio son to improve plenty of times! Sometimes he did and sometimes he got worse. But he made it. He is a wonderful 26 year old , who turned into a polite, law abiding citizen. Could I see this when he was 14...15...16...17..18 NO! I couldn't even see this when he was 20. But he finally come around. All of the yelling, preaching, screaming, loving, talking, crying, begging, spanking, pleading, crazy stuff I did finally paid off. I have faith that I'm doing exactly what I am suppose to be doing. God has equipped me to deal with all of this. Is it easy? NO. Do I like it? Honestly, sometimes NO. Just like any other parent sometime I get frustrated. Have I ever thought of giving up. NO. I love my kids so much and see where they were and how far they have come that I want to keep on keeping on. I can't take teenagers. All of my children were adopted age 11 or less. I have considered some older kids but fear kicks in and I back out. Children are exposed to so much these days. Even Christian parents let their kids watch stuff, go places, and be unsupervised. I can not do this. I know sometimes I'm over protective. I know they have to grow up. But not too soon.

If anyone knows of any younger children, ages 0 to 12, A single child or a sib group with up to four kids. Let me know. Our home study is approved through the state but I could change it if I needed too. I would adopt internationally if I could. But having 18 children no matter how well they are doing is a big turn off to people who just doesn't get it. I would like to adopt through a disruption if everything would work out. Am I crazy?

Keep me in your prayers.

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  1. I think you are wonderful and I know the Lord will bless you with the children who are supposed to come to your home. I will keep my eyes open and let my agencies know that if they have a disruption, to keep you in mind. I know there is one right now, and I will ask our home study person about it. I wish it wasn't so expensive to adopt internationally, because there are so many children in that age range that need homes. I will continue praying for you and keep my eyes open!