Monday, November 9, 2009

Special Needs

I have six children with diagnosed special needs. FAS, MID, CP, Learning Disabilities, and Drug Exposure in the Womb. What is so sad about this is that some of this could have been prevented. Why in the world can't the government come up with a plan to charge mothers with crimes when they knowingly drink alcohol and do drugs while pregnant. It is so unfair to the children to have to learn to live with problems. The moms don't suffer because they don't care enough anyway. If they can't stop using while they are pregnant they sure can't stop using and take care of the children. It is just so unfair. I love all of my children. I love the ones with issues just as much as I do the ones who are in college prep classes. It is just heart breaking to watch and want to find a cure for these kids. I think God has chosen some of these kids for me as He has shown me I can't fix everything. Sometimes we just have to love and do the best we can. And that is what I'm doing. The best I can.

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