Sunday, November 29, 2009

where did it go?

It seem like I was planning for Thanksgiving for weeks, looking forward to seeing all of our families, eating, and enjoying the holiday. Well it went by too fast. This year it seemed like everything was on fast forward. Jennifer was here for 5 days and I couldn't believe it when she said goodbye. We cooked a lot of food. I think everyone enjoyed it. My electric stove went out four days before Thanksgiving. I called Sears thinking it was only a heating element and they would fix it the day they came out. Well they came out promptly to tell me the part had to be ordered and it would be another week before they could fix it. BUMMER! I still had my gas stove so I thought I could pull it off. Well, after making out a list of foods to cook and where and how, I quickly realized I could not pull it off! Thankfully my sister in law was here and said go get my stove. So Keith went and got her stove and we put it in the LIBRARY. Yes, the library. At one point I said " Krishawanda check the pies in the stove in the library. " Jennifer replied with "mom I know that is the only time anyone has ever said that. You just don't have a stove in a room with shelves full of books. Well it worked. We got everything cooked on time. Our Library is what use to be the old Kitchen. The electric outlet for the stove was still there. I originally wanted to put in a washer/dryer closet there. Keith didn't like that idea so I came up with the Library which works out great. It is another place for the kids to watch a movie, or play a video, or just read. I prefer the latter.

It has been a while since I've posted. Having a new grand baby next door, I just want to spend my extra time sitting and rocking and holding Kyson. Staisha has needed a little extra care too. Her husband is great, but works 2 jobs and goes to school full time. He will graduate in May with a bachelors in Criminology. I'm so proud of them both. They are really good parents. Amid all of Staisha's issues Kyson became jaundice again and had to go in for a heal stick. He's fine and shes on her way to being fully recovered.

All the kids are doing really well. They are all excited for Christmas. Sometimes they have a moment when they reflect on the what ifs. We talk about it, and sometimes argue about it but I think it is a normal feeling. I too wonder about some what ifs. Destinee who is 17 wrote me the most beautiful letter. I cried the whole time she read it to me. It was on what she was thankful for. It was a true reflection of how she felt. Someday I hope I can share it with her bio parents in a happy time. Life in this big family is full of surprises. Some, I should say most, good.

For those who are asking about pictures I promise to post lots soon. The kids are all growing so fast. I think I have all their Christmas outfits ready. We usually do pictures on Thanksgiving but with all the people this year we didn't have time, so I hope we get to it soon.

I know Christmas is close but I sure hope it doesn't go by so fast.

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  1. I'm so glad your thanksgiving went well and that there was a way to have another stove! It is sooooo hard to get everything cooked. I'm glad that Staisha and Kyson are doing better. What a rough start for them both. I'm glad you are close by to give some extra help. You have a truly beautiful family and I am thankful for your friendship and your example. Thank you for being my friend!

    I am looking forward to the Christmas pictures and I know that it will be a wonderful season for you.