Monday, June 22, 2009

Best Friends

Staisha is my youngest birth daughter. She is 20 years old and was married a year yesterday, which happen to be Fathers Day. She is also going to have a baby in November! We find out what it is tomorrow. They want a boy I want a girl..Mostly I want a healthly baby!!

Staisha was only 5 when we started fostering. She had to share more than any of the other children because of her age. When we first started fostering we took in lots of little ones. I was in heaven. Staisha understands my desire for adoption/mothering moreso than the other older ones do. I always share kids that are available with her and ask her what she thinks. I ask the other girls too, I just don't always get the OH Yea, mom go ahead sign from them, as I do from Staisha. She is living 2 doors down from me ,and I couldn't be happier. Tabitha(my oldest) is also living next door now with my 2 grand babies. I love having her (and my grandbabies) close. They lived in Texas for a while and I sure did miss them. Jennifer is moving to Tennessee in July. I'm thrilled! She's going to Vanderbilt for her Doc. degree. I sure am gonna miss her. I can truly say my grown children are my best friends. I hope I have this same reltationship with all my kids. Brian is another story for another day. He and I are too much alike and don't see eye to eye. I love him though. With all my heart.

Doreese is 17. My oldest adopted child. My how time does fly. It seems yesterday she was crying because she was afraid of the hair dryer at 4 years old. She is a great kid. In fact they all are. I am blessed to be their mom.

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