Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Most of the time when people find out we have such a large family, one of the first questions ask is What do you cook? So I thought I'd give an example of what I (we) cook. I can't take all the credit because my older teenagers cook just about as much as I do. At about 12 years old they want to start helping so that is when I start training. YES sometimes it's more trouble but they eventually learn and then they are proud and want to show off their skills so it helps me out a lot. Now by the time they turn 16 or 17 the fun part is over and they are ready to let the younger ones do it all. SO far it has worked out well as all of the kids are like doorsteps.

Breakfast this morning was pancakes. It took 3 boxes and 1 large bottle of syrup.

Lunch was grilled cheese sandwiches and bean soup.

Snack was fresh peaches.

Supper or Dinner is Blackeyed peas with ham cooked in, cucumber salad, macaroni and cheese and cornbread.

We cook pretty much the same as everyone else just much more. I do lots of stews, soups, and casseroles. And the kids always want bread, either biscuits or cornbread some times garlic toast or rolls.

If I can figure out how to post pictures I"ll post some of the house. It's big but not big enough.

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