Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers day all! It has been a good and stressfull day for us. All the kids showered Keith with lots of love and kisses, hand made cards and well wishes.

It also brings back memories of the bio dads. Some have some good memories while others have only memories they wish they could forget. And yet still others can't remember anything at all. All of these emotions make a whirlwind temperment. Two have gotton into fights over nothing, and two of the boys have said words not allowed. I know I have to be understanding and patient as they work through some of the stuff, but I will be glad when it is all behind us and everthing is back to normal.

Two different bio dads have been called and wished a Happy Fathers day. I allow this not for their benefit but for the kids. They feel they are stepping up to the plate to do the right thing even when their fathers did not.

The grown kids took Keith out to lunch after church today. I know he loved it.

So another holiday we survived, more memories made, and more blessings abound.

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