Saturday, June 27, 2009


We took the kids and went bowling a few days back, they really had a blast. I don't really like to bowl but I like to watch the kids.

Today has been a hot one. The kids played outside a while then played in the pools. We have 4 kiddie size and one large (do it yourself) adult size. Everyone is in their rooms now watching a movie. They do not have cable in their rooms but everyone has a TV and VCR/or DVD player. The little boys lost theirs for a while because they broke the wire off that goes to the DVD. We have every game system there is. The children aren't allowed to play everyday but have played much more this summer than during the school year. The boys have a Jr. size pool table that they have put to good use lately. The girls prefer board games or clothes. When I say clothes I mean they try on outfit after outfit, and ask each other "does this look better with sandals or flats? or does this necklace go better or the other one." They are as concerned at 12 about how they look as I was at 17. The little girls (6-10) play barbies, Hannah Montannah, High school musical, bratz or some such other type of doll house stuff. The little boys 6 and 8 mostly want to play outside, if forced to stay inside they will play legos or rescue heros. I am enjoying sumer with school being out and getting to sleep later, but the kids are ready to go back. I've done some school shopping already but still have much more to go.

Keith and I are going to watch Pride and Prejuice. My favorite movie. Let's hope the kids will watch their movie long enough for me to finish mine.

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